Our Firm


We are a leading Chinese middle market private equity firm with a pedigree gained over 17 years of growth capital and control investing.

Our focus is to fund business transformation. We are an impact investor. We are a strong believer in global climate goals and decarbonization commitment. We specialize in spotting opportunities in applying know-hows to emerging market demand. We use our experience of international markets to acquire businesses that can help upgrade domestic Chinese companies and move them higher up the value chain. In addition, we target the businesses that can satisfy the demand for top quality products and services from China’s huge and growing middle class.

Our investment focuses are decarbonization technologies and the SMART (Smart Manufacturing, Automation, Robot and Technology) sector. We believe that China and developing Asia offer the biggest impact in achieving global climate goals. We are committed to funding decarbonization technologies. We believe that China has developed a superior industrial infrastructure and its manufacturing prowess will further upgrade in the new era of 5G technology, quantum computing, artificial intelligence and new energy sources. We are uniquely positioned to support our industrial partners’ ambition.

We have offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu from which our highly experienced investment team seeks to generate premium returns for our investors.