The Partners of CRCI established the Chongren Foundation in 2008, inspired by the spontaneous generosity of CRCI investors, Mr. Jimmy Mayer & Mrs. Becky Mayer, who pro-actively contacted CRCI for help in directing their donations to the unfortunate people that were severely hit by the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

Many of CRCI´s investors make financial contributions to specific projects, while CRCI too, contributes annually to the fund of the foundation. Moreover, the three founding partners of CRCI (Mark Qiu, George Li, Shi Hong) make regularly noticeable payments to finance the foundation´s activities, and so do the associates. The most recent donation amounting to HKK$5 million was made in May 2013, by a business partner of CRCI, Mr. Luo Lin, chairman & CEO of Anton Oil Co. Ltd.