Project Facts

Yangce Town Gucheng Elementary School

Grades: 3 classes of kindergarten/preschool and 6 grades of primary school
Total Students: 150 in the school year 2012-13, around 300 as of September 2013
Teachers & Staffs: 11 in 2012-13; to increase to 15 at least when the dormitory will start receiving students in September 2013
Project Cost: RMB 2,835,000 – for the classroom and dormitory building by Chongren.

The Biyang Local Government covers all costs for the teaching & sports equipment, the sports ground, the gate and the wall, the plants and trees, et al.

Project Coverage: Construction of a U-shaped classroom and dormitory building with a total of 2720 square meters:  8 classrooms to start, 3 dormitory rooms for girls and boys each, 3 teachers offices, 5 toilets, 1 music room, 1 library, 1 reading room, 1 computer room, 1 science room and 1 art room, plus multi functional rooms that can be allocated to teaching when needed.
Donors: Mark Qiu, George Li, Hung Shi and Chongren Foundation