Project Background

Lianjiang Central Primary School
Located in the western part of the Sichuan Plain, Mingshan County covers an area of 614m2 with a population of 268,000 in 9 towns, 11 townships and 192 villages. The County currently has a total of 120 schools with 34,681 students and 2,149 teachers.

The County’s quality of education has shown significant improvement during the recent years based on the results of the primary school district tests and assessments. Its middle school graduates also have ranked first in the entrance examinations for 7 successive years. Furthermore, the percentage of high school graduates to enter universities was the highest in the region.

Lianjiang Township covers an area of 26.2km2 and is located on the northwest border of Mingshan County with a population of 10,500. Lianjiang Central Primary School is the only complete primary school in the district. It has approximately 500 students ranging from pre-school to grade 6 and 40 teachers and school staff.