The Mission

The mission of Chongren Foundation is to promote education in China’s less developed regions, in close cooperation with the local authorities, by financing school buildings, providing advanced IT equipment and offering incentive schemes for outstanding teachers & students. The partners of CRCI and their associates are convinced that a good basic education helps the children in the regions concerned to better cope with today’s highly dynamic and very rapidly changing world.

Access to and use of information are playing a decisive role in the increasingly dynamic landscape all over China, including the less developed regions. The founders of Chongren are, therefore, providing the schools sponsored by them with the state-of-the-art hard and software for IT. This enables the students concerned to compete with the more developed regions of China on comparable footing.

Furthermore, the founders firmly believe that genuine happiness depends not only on what people do for themselves and their friends, but also on what they do for people who´s destiny is less fortunate than their own. The first major endeavor was to finance a speedy re-construction of two major school projects in Sichuan´s MIngshan district, after a severe earthquake hit a large area in the province on May 12, 2008. Later on, the foundation launched a large primary school complex in Henan´s Biyang district, a less developed farming area. Furthermore, Chongren financed numerous small village primary schools in the very remote and underdeveloped mountain areas of Qinghai.

The foundation remains focused on the education philanthropies in China, and thus finances other projects that are promoting the growth needs of youth in general.